Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friendship Book Madness!

Friendship books, or FB's, are little paper booklets that people make and send around through
the mail, even internationally, inscribing their information, and if they're looking for penpals, people to swap with, etc. The idea seemed really interesting to me, so I made the mistake of asking a few people on Swap-Bot that said they had spares to send them to me. I got an envelope completely stuffed full, and it's all I can do to reply to them all, and figure out where to forward them! I joined a few FB swaps, and arranged a few private trades to do so, and I know there will be more heading my way. It's really neat to see where they've been though, and I hope to get a few unexpected letters out of it!
I've also been stuffing envelopes for Ikasucon again, and there are 50 finished, stamped and ready to go out in the mail. Now I just need to wait for more stamps and the rest of the forms that need mailing. I did this for the con two years ago as well, and enjoyed it more than any sane person should.

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