Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Project DeStash

My fingers are sore from working with yarn!

My mother recently had some work done on her house and had to clear some items out of the basement, my former bedroom. This means, all the yarn that I left behind me has suddenly arrived on my doorstep to bury me even deeper. My current craft project is a simple, and yet complex project- find ways to use up all of the yarn I have.

I've been searching Ravelry for patterns and suggestions and finding so much fun stuff that I'm now afraid I won't have enough yarn! I'm making afghans to use up yarns I have a lot of, or a little of (wonderful scrap yarn pattern I found!). I'm turning baby yarns into gifts for my cousin's new baby. I'm planning to make a ton of dinosaur and unicorn hats for the children in the family. You'd think the first step would be to finish all the projects I already have started, and to clear out the finished projects... oh no, now I've started a dozen more.

It will keep me warm in winter! And, let's face it, nothing compares to finishing a craft project and then having a use for the outcome! Wish me luck! (And an excuse to buy more knitting books and supplies!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year, a New Semester

This year is starting off less than impressive. I'm only teaching one course this semester, which means little money and a lot of spare time. This is, of course, rather stressful and upsetting, so I'm trying to refocus on the positive aspects. Namely, if I'm home more, I can focus more on the housewife attitude I wish to aquire. That means, more time for keeping the house nice (required now, as we're bringing home a kitten soon!), cooking (good for our budget and waistlines), crafts, reading, having my lap warmed by cats, learning new ways to go Green, and possibly even blogging and adding photos. We'll see about that last part, clearly.

So, let's see how this semester takes us, shall we?