Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping Busy!

Yesterday I got some wonderful letters, but admit to taking my time to replying. Instead, I worked on a few projects with materials I already had to hand. Budget and all that!

First, I made a few bookmarks for a bookmark chain that came with a swap I recieved. They are decidedly not fancy. Just a piece of ribbon with some beads I already had strung on, held on with knots. Many of the beads overlap, as I only have so many that will fit on a ribbon! I think they came out quite nicely, despite being so simple.

I've also been making magnets. I started doing so with labels and stamps that have come back with the RSVP cards to use as memories, as it were, but I've gotten a little out of hand. Cute images from stationary, various other stamps, the pictures on the back of calendars... for which I find other uses! In this picture, you see some stationary images, that I have sent back to the penpal that sent me the cute stationary, some neat SPCA stamps, and really nice stickers that I liked.

I did a fair bit of beading as well. I made a set of earrings with some beads also on hand. They were hard to photograph, let me tell you! But they came out really well and gave me ideas for new/similar designs.

I also made Faire Favors, for myself and my fiance. Those who go to Renaissance Faires with some frequency might know what I'm talking about. They're little trinkets that you make and give to your friends. Mine were made with seed beads and charms, in the colors that I tend to wear. I made my fiance's along the same basic design. I don't know if I'll make any next year, but it's fun to put them together.

Finally, I got a really amazing swap package today! It was for a fairly simple swap that could have just been a letter, but in this package I got three tea bags, a half dozen postcards, and the awesome swap response on some neat stationary. I was so excited that I thought it deserved to be blogged about!

I spent today writing a lot of letters in response to swaps I've gotten, and doing swaps that I got partners assigned for. I packaged most of them up in envelopes I've made myself from calenders sent by various charities. They look really cool, and it keeps them from going to waste. After this weekend, I'll have a ton of thank you cards to send out as well, due to my first Bridal Shower on Saturday. I'm not that thrilled about the party, but the mail I'll get to send afterward has me all excited!

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